Jager Miniatures 1/48 Resin Fokker D.VII (OAW)
Ltn Rudolf Stark Jasta 35b

by Bob Pearson

The Fokker D.VII entered service in 1918 and was an immediate success. One of the most famous fighter aircraft of WWI it was even named in the Armistice agreement to be handed over to the Allies. In more recent times it is one of the most popular WWI aircraft in publication and kit form (and also full-size models), this kit is of the licence built OAW version.

Markings are for Ltn Rudolf Stark, a young Bavarian pilot with Jasta 35b, who was to have 11 confirmed victories to his name before the end of the war and who after the war would write of his experiences in his book "Wings of War".

The kit

The kit consists of 37 resin pieces, 11 white metal, resin/photo-etch Spandaus from Copper State Models, decals and full colour profiles (by me). The box top has a photo of the completed model.

The fuselage is cast in one piece with an opening at the bottom of the cockpit to add the interior detail. The internal structure is cast on the inside of the fuseage, while externally there are the correct pattern of OAW louvers on the cowl. There is also an opening to place the engine. If any other version is contemplated, this will need to be expanded to allow for a different exhaust to be used.

The wings were cast by Copper State Models and everything that has been said about their quality in the past holds true here. There is a nice thin trailing edge, while that elusive Fokker D.VII underside of the wing taper is nicely done. Ribs are raised on the upper surfaces and scribed on the lower. The ailerons are provided as separate castings

The tailplane has no rib detail on the elevators. I asked Justin Young about this and his reply was "I deliberately left the detail off the elevators as after looking at many pictures I deemed them to be barely visible at 1/48 scale- this was a judgement call on my part and I'm sure some people would agree and some not." If the ribs are desired it is an easy enough task to add them with stretched sprue or decal strips.

There is a complete interior supplied in some of the finest resin pieces I have yet come across - so be careful and don't discard that 'scrap' .. it just may be needed. All struts are cast in white metal.

The engine consists of a bank of cylinders to which separate manifolds are added. This is then placed into the opening in the nose. The final parts are a three piece figure.

There is a seven page booklet with parts list, building notes, photos showing the various steps, colour profile of side and top view. The decals are included for Stark's "Li", however the builder will have to paint the lilac/black fuselage band and tail themselves. Additionally, top and bottom lozenge is supplied by Eagle Strike.


Although there are other 1/48 D.VII kits available, for anyone wanting to do Stark's "Li" - or any other OAW, this is the kit for you. There are only 230 available from

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