Revell 1/25 scale AmigoPack '64 Chevy Impala

By Al Superczynski


The 1964 Chevrolet Impala was an outstanding seller with about 889,600 being produced for the model year, 185,325 of which were Super Sport (SS) models. A definite success with the general car-buying public when it was first introduced, over the years it has gained cult status as prime custom or street machine material and the car of choice among lowrider enthusiasts .

The Kit

Revell's Amigo Pack series brings us another variation of a kit that's been around for a while now. There have been a couple different lowrider versions done from this basic tool but this time around the car is factory stock only except for the optional flame decals, the optional lowered suspension and other lowrider parts being deleted in favor of a companion 1/64 scale diecast that's a nice little replica in its own right. That said, this is an absolutely outstanding model - far superior to the nearly 40 year old AMT kit.

116 parts in white, plated, translucent red, and clear plastic include a highly detailed V8 engine and chassis with separate floor pan and frame rails. A platform style interior assembly makes for easy painting and detailing. The excellently engraved body emblems and scripts make it a snap to either paint or foil those details but all emblems and scripts are also included on the comprehensive decal sheet, which also features full engine comparment and interior details along with narrow white sidewall markings.

Highly recommended for all fans of American iron.

Review sample courtesy of Revell-Monogram.



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