Revell 1/25 Baldwin Motion '69 Corvette

By Al Superczynski


The late 60s was a time when huge amounts of horsepower were showing up under the hoods of muscle cars from all of the manufacturers. The Chevy Corvette was one of the fastest cars around, but that still wasn't enough for some. Baldwin Motion took a stock Vette and added engine and styling parts to make some of the most awesome cars ever to prowl the streets.

The Kit

The model is a faithful reproduction of the very special Baldwin Motion machines. Being of an earlier vintage than the Impala and '48 Ford kits featured elsewhere this model is not quite as detailed but is still very good. Parts total is 98 molded in the usual white, plated, clear, and clear red. The interior is built up from a tub with separate side panel inserts and the front and rear suspensions are somewhat simplified but the engine is very well detailed.

Full graphics are provided on the decal sheet along with all body emblems and scripts, and engine compartment and interior details, as has become the norm for Revell-Monogram kits.

This welcome reissue is scheduled to be on hobby shop shelves September 4th along with the other Revell car kits reviewed this month.

Our thanks to Revell-Monogram for the review sample.


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