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Miniwing 1/144 Grumman F9F-8T “Cougar”

Posted in: Aviation
By Matt Bittner
Nov 8, 2009 - 4:00:41 PM

This is the two-seat variant of the Grumman Cougar, cast in Miniwing's typical style. The ALPS-generated decals supply two USN schemes - the one in Blue Angels livery, and the other is a primarily white machine with red "edges". Both are very colorful schemes.


There are two ejection seats that are placed into the cockpit. Since the canopy is not very large, this is definitely adequate, especially when coupled with the decal "seat cushions/belts" and instrument panels. Once this area is finished then the separate outer wings are added to the fuselage, as well as the horizontal tail surfaces. Now you can paint. Other parts included consist of two external fuel tanks, one-piece main gear/gear doors as well as the nose gear and separate gear doors.


The Cougar is probably the second easiest build in this set of releases. I think the "Texan" is easier because of its one-piece wing and one-piece horizontal tail that pushes into slots in the one-piece fuselage. There could be alignment issues with the Cougar's separate outer wings if you're not careful with assembly.

Once again, thanks to Miniwing for the review sample.

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