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Building a Custom Caterham Super Seven BDR Cycle Fender in 1/12 scale


by Mario Covalski


Fun. Building models is synonymous with fun, or rather, it should be. Many times we forget this when we begin a new project. We have to burden ourselves with references, worry about accurate decal locations, etc. This can sometimes cause us certain stress.

To avoid this, I take 'holidays' from time to time and build a model where I can decide with total freedom what I want to do and how to do it.

When Caterham launched its JPE for sale, a model with extensive competition characteristics. It wasn't in my dreams that Tamiya would manufacture it, in scale years later. Later, when Tamiya first released its Caterham, I built four one after another, two for me and two for a friend of mine. It was not very fun.

Recently an idea came to me, build a model Caterham like the full-size one I wanted to have .. a JPE.

I chose a cycle fender model (Tamiya's item 10202), and I painted it Camel yellow (yes!....I painted the aluminum panels!!!!!), to complete my dream I used the Lotus 99 1/20 scale decals.

Other details of my custom Caterham are.

  • The aluminum panels got a base of flat white humbrol, and then a mix of Testor yellow with 10% more orange, then I put them in the oven at 80 centigrade degrees. (as a lemon cake........)

  • The body plastic parts were painted in the usual way.

  • I wanted a lower front suspension, so I shortened the springs and shocks absorbers.

  • An electronic ignition was added , and I used a new generation distributor, located in a new place of the Cosworth engine.

  • My Caterham has neither heat nor ventilation, in their place I put a big battery, replacing the original one.

  • I added big rearview mirrors.

  • To improve the power, I made extensive modifications inside the engine, although we cannot measure it because is a scale model.

Follow my advice, from time to time break the rules and build your own "custom", and have a good time as I did ...... and I still do. [Editor's note: I took Mario's advice and did my own Caterham too - RNP]


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