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Hey !!!! What's with the cars on this page !!!!!

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By Bob Pearson

Easy answer. . they're cool !!! If asked about some early aircraft or ships I can answer in reasonable confidence that I know what I am talking about. But if asked about cars I know nothing beyond the fact that I don't have one. However when Mario mentioned that he would like to do an article on the Caterham, and that it would be painted how 'his' would look, I knew I wanted to profile it .. .. so without further ado ... the Caterham Super Seven.

Mario Covalski's Dream Caterham

As seen in Mario's article.

Uh, a racing one?

Overall white, with black fenders and a red stripe

Some record holder

The wheels on this one were a real pain to do. . and Mario supplied me with photos of even more wheel designs. . . Someday I will have to do more. . but not this month.

Top's up . ..

Had to do one with the large fenders and top up. This particular one is in a natural metal finish with green trim.


With my second million, I will get one like this (the first is spoken for already)

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