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This month we delve into various scales ranging from 1/700 up to 1/160. Things start off with one of my favourite kits, the Airfix HMS Belfast in 1/600 scale. Keith Butterley shows what can be done to this classic with the addition of WEM PE and resin details. Richard Eaton then provides an OOB build of the Revell 1/700 USS San Juan.

Inbox reviews this time go from a 1/160 wooden schooner kit by Lynn Dunn, to a pair of 1/400 Polish warships by myself, and end with a 1/350 modern frigate by Mike Dunn.

To go along with these great kits, references are required, and this month we have the latest in the Snyder & Short series of WW2 warship paint chips - the long-awaited RN Set2 is now out. To round it all off, there are reviews of four of the excellent Profile Morskie books, this time on WW2 cruisers from Great Britain and Italy.

Bob Pearson

Feature Articles

Airfix 1/600 HMS Belfast w/WEM details
by Keith Butterley

Revell 1/700 USS San Juan
by Richard Eaton


First Looks and New Releases

First Looks

Aoshima 1/700 Suzutsuki by Bob Pearson
Artesania Latina 1/160 Schooner
Sir Winston Churchill by Lynn Dunn
Mirage 1/400 Polish Destroyer Grom ca.1938 by Bob Pearson
Mirage 1/400 Polish Torpedo Boat Mazur ca.1935 by Bob Pearson
WEM 1/350 Type 22 Frigate HMS Brilliant by Mike Dunn

New Releases

Profile Morski - HMS Ajax, Belfast, Scylla, R.It.N Zara by Bob Pearson
Snyder & Short WWII Royal Navy Paint Chips Set 2 by Bob Pearson

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